Optical Assistant & Point Of Sale App

Optical Assistant & Point Of Sale App

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    Sidekick Features

  • Your optical point of sale assistant

  • Train novice employees faster

  • Create and print lab tickets

  • Provide educational photos

  • Display a running sales total

  • Walk employees through the checkout process

  • Instruct employees how to apply insurance benefits

  • Display insurance benefits vs out of pocket costs

  • Assist patients with lens’ expectations

  • Print, email, & store receipts in the cloud

  • Recall receipts & add time stamped notes

    Office Customization

  • Create templates for accepted insurances

  • Create instructions to accompany templates

  • Customize sales tips to appear throughout the sales process

  • Reflect your business name in the finalized receipt

Staff Training-Flipped

    Automated Assistance

  • Tips appear throughout the sales process

  • Help new hires avoid common mistakes

  • Dramatically decrease training time

  • Prevent optical sales redundancies

  • Increase confidence for novice employees

  • Remind employees of sale preferences

  • Encourage a standard sales methodology

  • Drastically decrease oversight errors

    Educational Photos

  • Show Rx based lens’ thicknesses

  • Match facial types with frame styles

  • Review lens materials pros and cons

  • Differentiate multifocal designs

  • Present poly safety waver

  • Demonstrate AR coatings

  • Highlight photochromic lenses

  • Explain polarized lenses

  • Show tint colors & levels

Cloud Storage-Flipped

    Cloud Storage

  • Access receipts anywhere

  • Store receipts in Google Drive or Box

  • Access, print, & email stored receipts

  • If you leave Sidekick… no worries, your data stays with your cloud account

    Attractive Pricing

  • $34.99/month

  • Monthly subscription via the Apple App Store

  • One month free trial

  • Cancel anytime

  • No contracts

  • Standard subscription works on 2 iPads
  • Need more than 2 checkouts?  Add unlimited number of iPads for just $9.99 more/month

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Sidekick process credit card transactions?

    Currently, no.  Sidekick will organize and record purchase details and payment information.  When it is time to run a credit card, you will use your current vendor and their hardware to accept and process the credit or debit card payment.

    How do I pay for Sidekick?

    Sidekick is an iPad application and all billing occurs through Apple via the Apple App Store.   Apple will bill the credit card associated with your Apple ID.

    How much does Sidekick cost?

    Sidekick is free to download and comes with a free 1 month trial.  After the trial period, you will be charged a reoccurring subscription rate of $34.99 per month.  

    How many iPads can utilize the Sidekick app?

    The $34.99 subscription entitles the user to download Sidekick on 2 iPads.  If more iPads are desired, a second reoccurring subscription of $9.99/month allows for Sidekick to be downloaded on an unlimited number of iPads.

    Can Sidekick be used without storing data in the cloud?

    Yes, Sidekick can be used and the receipt can be printed.

    What cloud service providers work with Sidekick?

    Currently, Sidekick will link to Google Drive and Box cloud storage accounts.   The user must have an active Google Drive or Box account and provide Sidekick with their username to allow the receipts to transfer to and from the user’s pre-established cloud service provider.

    Can Sidekick generate reports?

    Not at this time.  However, this is something we hope to offer in the future.

    Can Sidekick do inventory control?

    Not at this time.  However, this is something we hope to offer in the future.

    How does Sidekick work help with insurances like VSP and EyeMed?

    One of the biggest challenges for new employees is learning how to apply insurance benefits.  Sidekick simplifies this challenge by only presenting the user with relevant data entry boxes that correspond to a specific insurance’s covered benefits.   

    For example:  When a VSP customer is purchasing a frame, Sidekick would prompt the user to enter the material co-pay, the retail frame cost, the VSP frame benefit amount, and the % off for frames overage.  Sidekick would then calculate the amount due, keep a running sales total, and print and store a detailed sales receipt.    

    Does Sidekick work for Medicare and post-operative cataract glasses?

    Yes, the administration screen allows users to set up benefit coverages for post-operative covered eyewear.

    Can the data entry fields be customized for insurance plans specific to my practice or area?

    Yes, the administrative screen allows the user to create data benefit entry fields for (1) allowances, (2) allowables,(3) percent off/discount sales, (4) allowables-% overages, and (5) no coverage.   These categories can be set up for every step of the sales process (frames, lenses, add-ons ect).    Additionally, each category has customizable text reminding the user what to enter and can be more specific when applicable.  For example, data fields could say “enter frame allowance”  or “enter $120 allowance”, or “enter 20% here”. 

    Does Sidekick automatically pull insurance authorizations, explanation of benefits, and/or batch eligibility?

    No.  Unfortunately, most vision providers do not allow this information to transfer directly over to any electronic payment provider or health record system. 

    Does Sidekick assist with contact lens sales?

    No, Sidekick is designed to assist with spectacle, spectacle lens, and sunglass related sales.

    Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes, there are no contracts.  Sidekick is a monthly subscription through the Apple App store and can be canceled at any time. 

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